My life has been a series of 20’s. 20 years in school; 20 years at Cargill; 20 years running Interlinx Associates; and now my fourth 20 will be as a writer, speaker, facilitator.

My first project, LET ME IN, is a memoir I started 35 years ago, when I was a young girl, fresh out of Stanford University, embarking on my first career. Want to get notified for pre-release, launch or progress updates? Subscribe to my newsletter here.

I have just released information on upcoming Retreat2Write experiences for writers looking for a weekend getaway to, well, write.

Other projects I have queued up include an historical fiction based on my mother’s diaries including Japanese internment; two more memoirs spanning the 20 years following Cargill and the 20 years preceding; a cartoon book about my book club ladies and children books about twins. My final memoir will be about the current 20 years, and embarking on a new career in the “twilight” of my life. That should keep me busy.

Comments about LET ME IN: A Japanese American Woman Crashes the Corporate Club, 1976-1996

“Among the first women to blaze trails through America’s boys’ club of business, Elaine’s story is our American story as well as a history of American business.” Ann S.

“An artful narrative! Navigating the roadblocks along the path to her goals by a woman born too soon.” Anna

“An interesting read of the first 20 years of a non-traditional woman in a changing business environment.” Jerry