On Temporary Hold

Are you new to writing? An established writer that needs some marketing direction? Are you thinking of writing, but haven’t started? Are you in the midst, and need a push? Are you unsure of what it means to be a writer? Retreat2Write is for you. We focus on writing prompts, marketing and camaraderie. We want you!

If you are interested in a Retreat2Write, send me a message and I will put you on my waiting list.

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Retreat2Write a Success!
A few testimonials.

 “I enjoyed my time at Retreat2Write.  There was time allotted for writing but I learned a lot from the branding/marketing session.  I recommend it highly for anyone wanting to invest in their craft.”  Sonya, screenwriter

“Retreat2Write is a great weekend writing retreat for all levels of writers. The agenda was jam-packed and we kept to the schedule which helped us all to be more productive each day. From the initial warm welcome to the parting hugs, it felt like we were a family, even though we had all just met each other. The setting was beautiful, the food was delicious, but it was the inspiration and energy from the other writers that I appreciated the most.”  Linda

When I first moved to Minnesota, I heard about this mystical thing called “the cabin up North.”  I had never been to one, never knew anyone who had one, and longed for that inexplicable experience of going up North.

Well, now, many years later, I have a cabin up North.  But it’s not really a cabin, like the Uni-Bomber’s cabin in Helena.  It has indoor plumbing and running water. It’s been a wonderful writing retreat for me, and I’d like to share that experience with you!

This is not a hotel. You will find the house to be a little worn, 70’s shabby chic remodeled for an updated look and feel. You will need to clean up after yourselves, just like you were staying at my home—because you are.  I’ll do the grocery shopping beforehand and will wash the sheets and towels, vacuum and do general cleanup at the end of your stay so you don’t have to.

Reception wine, beer and hors d’oeuvres provided (otherwise, BYOB), as well as three breakfasts, two lunches, one dinner. One no host dinner at the iconic Chet’s Lakeside Inn. Approximately 2.5 hours classroom, 13-17 hours of writing time. Located on Lake Irene, two miles from Miltona, MN. We will have a loose agenda, and a goal for our writing—I’d like to publish Retreat2Write works in an eBook at the end of the year. You can be a published contributor to our book! We will also have a workbook that will help frame up our writing goals.

Interested? Click here for tentative agenda. Click here to request more information.

Also available for book clubs. Retreat2Read Weekends for book clubs or groups that want to get away.