Our goal is to write–and be inspired to write! We will be guided by my Retreat2Write workbook for career and marketing planning.  At the end of Retreat2Write, you submit your work which will be published in an anthology, and you will become a member of the Retreat2Write Alumni group.

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Arrival after 5 pm8 am Breakfast8 am Breakfast9 am Breakfast
8:30 Prompt Discussion8:30 Prompt Discussion9:30 Prompt Discussion
7 pm Welcome Reception9-10:00 Career Roadmap9-10:00 P’s & Q’s10-11 Career Discussion, Measurement
Hors D’oeurves10-12 Prompt & Retreat2Write10-12 Prompt & Retreat2Write11-12 Recap & Writing Next Steps
Wine/Beer12-1 Lunch, Prompt debrief12-1 Lunch, Prompt debrief12-Departure: Retreat2Write
1-2 Career Roadmap, Intro to P’s & Q’s1-3 Prompt & Retreat2Write
8:30 Goal Setting2-6 Prompt & Retreat2Write3-6 Explore Minnesota
9-9:30 Writing Prompt6-6:30 social6-6:45 social12 pm Departure
6:30-7:30 dinner7 Chet’s Lakeside Inn
8-9 Writing Prompt8:30-9 Writing Prompt
Optional Movie: Papa-Hemmingway in CubaOptional Movie: Becoming Jane/My Brilliant CareerNight of Improv
.5 hours writing7 hours writing4.5 hours writing1-2 hours writing
~13 hour of writing

We will have a loose agenda, and a goal for our writing. You will be a published contributor to our book!  The Retreat2Write workbook will help frame up our writing and marketing goals. Approximately 3 hours classroom, 13 hours of writing time.

Agenda content and times subject to change.