Inaugural Skijourn Sisters

Expanding the Solo Ski Sojourn—Skijourn Sisters rock the Mountains

Skijourn Sisters do Steamboat.

Skijourn Sisters. Friends, support group. Through thick and thin. Bonded by powder, groomers, going fast or slow, we style and schuss. Together. At least once a year!

Our common bond is ski instruction. We all began our ski friendship at Hyland Hills, then PSIA, then extended friends. We love to ski. Fast, slow, carvy or straight. Groomers and bumps, trees and off piste. We’ll do anything—once.

Solo Ski Sojourn 3: It’s a wrap!

Stuff to remember Left Minneapolis January 6, 2022 Returned Minneapolis March 30, 2022 Total Miles: 9362 MPG: 19.6 (I was really trying for 20 but the wind across the plains pushed me back) 216 hours behind the wheel Skiing Max Ski Speed: 51.6 I think this can’t be right, I average high of 30-34. Maybe… Read more Solo Ski Sojourn 3: It’s a wrap!

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