I have just released new dates for this fall’s Retreat2Write Weekends for writers looking for a weekend getaway to, well, write. Check your calendars: September 26-29 and October 17-20, 2019. Come check out my remodeled lake place.

Did you enjoy following me on my SOLO SKI SOJOURN? Or did you want to follow me, but just didn’t have time to read my posts? I will soon be releasing SOLO SKI SOJOURN in eBook and paperback! Stay tuned. It should be coming out soon!

Look to September 13 for my book launch for LET ME IN: a Japanese American Woman Crashes the Corporate Club 1976-1996. My first project, LET ME IN, is a memoir I started 35 years ago, when I was a young girl, fresh out of Stanford University, embarking on my first career. Want to get notified for pre-release, launch or progress updates? Subscribe to my newsletter here.

Comments about LET ME IN: A Japanese American Woman Crashes the Corporate Club, 1976-1996

“Among the first women to blaze trails through America’s boys’ club of business, Elaine’s story is our American story as well as a history of American business.” Ann S.

“An artful narrative! Navigating the roadblocks along the path to her goals by a woman born too soon.” Anna

“An interesting read of the first 20 years of a non-traditional woman in a changing business environment.” Jerry