LET ME IN, Solo Ski Sojourn, Musings of an UnGeisha and Retreat2Write Anthology 2018 are also available on Amazon.com as well as limited distribution through Barnes and Noble, (online and through limited distribution) Audible.com, iTunes, and independent book stores.  

LET ME IN a Japanese American Woman Crashes the Corporate Club 1976-1996

1976. A 22-year-old Japanese American woman enters the management ranks of a major corporation and encounters...just what you'd expect. Sexism. Misogyny. Racial bias. And she breaks barriers anyway. From the moment Elaine Koyama was hired as a management trainee at agri-business giant Cargill, Inc., she found herself entangled in the endless fight to wedge herself through the doors the women's movement opened. As men and women all over the country began to examine and redefine the boundaries of their roles, Koyama, fresh out of Stanford, navigated farmyard sales calls, meetings at strip clubs, and a new life in the heart of the Midwest. In Let Me In, Koyama shares the true story of how she fought her way through the corporate jungle before the term glass ceiling was even coined.


Solo Ski Sojourn: A widow’s three month journey to recovery skiing the American West

Follow me, a 64 year old widow lady, on my solo journey across the mountain west as I skied and contemplated the sights and vistas of America. I traveled to resorts large and small facing my fears; I ate great food, drank my fill of wine, and met more people than I can count. 13 states, 21 ski resorts, 300,000 vertical feet, 10,000 miles in 90 days. This is the collection of my escapades during one of the snowiest winters on record, the 2019 Ski Sojourn, originally posted on my website, elainekoyama.com.


Musings of an UnGeisha: Fiction & Non-Fiction Short Stories by an Aging American Woman

A collection of the early blog works of Elaine Koyama. Creative writing prompt generated stories of fiction and non-fiction. Covering her past experiences as a woman in business, a mom, a dreamer and a person on the brink of old age. Ranging from a memory of bumping into an old romance, to moving on without her life-mate, these stories resonate with men and women who have been through the ups and downs of life and still believe in the good of mankind. The prompts came from websites, friends and fans and were posted on Koyama's blog site. Includes a few scenes that didn't make it into her memoir Let Me In. Join Koyama as she keeps marching through life generating unexpected stories stranger than fiction.


Retreat2Write Anthology 2018

Writers attending the inaugural Retreat2Write Camp each wrote to a prompt drawn randomly each day. From poems to advertising copy, the creativity of these five writers pops with each submission. Retreat2Write 2018 was held in Miltona, Minnesota on Lake Irene. Writers set goals and explored their brand identity, marketing channels and how writing fit into their lives. Retreat2Write is held 3-4 times a year and is hosted by Elaine Koyama.


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