Elaine Koyama’s memoir, LET ME IN a Japanese American Woman Crashes the Corporate Club 1976-1996 will be launching September 13, 2019 at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, 6-9 pm. It’s FREE! but we would like you to register and get an admissions ticket. Register here.

1976. A pivotal time in American history as women and minorities first began entering the management ranks of major corporations.

Join Elaine Koyama as a rookie at Cargill, Inc, the world’s largest privately held corporation and agri-business giant, as she wedged herself into the doors the women’s movement opened. Walk with her as she makes farmyard sales calls, attends meetings at strip clubs, and discovers selling isn’t only to the men making decisions but to their suspicious wives who were lurking behind the kitchen curtains.

Discover what climbing the corporate ladder in the heart of the Midwest meant at a time when both men and women were redefining the boundaries and roles. Look through the eyes of a young, attractive, Japanese American woman working with farmers, feed plants and factories, breaking barriers all the while navigating the treacherous corporate jungle.

Cheer her on as she chases her dreams of success, recognition, money. This is a journey replete with extraordinary circumstances, love interests, challenges, rewards, marriage, kids, life threatening crisis and a happy ending—or is it?