The Writing Process

I thought it would be easier than it is. Writing, that is. Like having the gift for gab, I’ve always had the gift of putting words on paper. Many times, when I would have to write for an exam, I would put words on the paper that may or may not have been the right answer, but I usually did well. Years later, when I became an adjunct professor at the University of St. Thomas Business School, I realized what had been happening–there are so many poor writers out there, that when you get someone who can string two sentences together (not to mention whole paragraphs) that in and of itself can bump a grade up a notch or two. Which is why I always liked essay exams vs multiple choice or fill in the blank.

Writing is only one part of the process. The business of writing is a whole ‘nother animal. It is the harder part, but a part I should be good at, given I have spent the last 40 years in or running a business.

I’ve written the first draft of my memoir. I’ve had seven readers give me feedback. Some people spend years rewriting. My plan is to write, rewrite and edit.

And then start “selling” the book to publishers and editors.




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