What I Learned on my Winter Ski Sojourn

Thanks to all the people who touched my life as I wandered through the first three months of 2019. Thanks to all my followers who encouraged me as they accompanied me on this Sojourn via the Blog. And I hope there are more readers in the future who will enjoy my exploits and adventures through the words I have written. It was a period of reflection, solitude and just the opposite—a time to connect with people, places and a chance to strengthen my inner self and outer physical being.

I didn’t return much different than how I left. At least I don’t think so. I didn’t have any great transformative revelations—although I kinda waited for one or two. I didn’t find any tablets at the top of any of the mountaintops. Maybe that will come later on some other mountaintop.

But I did learn a few things that I’d like to share with you.

Be ready to laugh.
Be willing to laugh because
Nothing really really good, or really really bad, lasts really really long. (I wish I had originated this line, because it is really really true. But Jerry at Cargill first told it to me, and I have returned to this matra many many times. Thank you, Jerry.)

It’s OK to cry but
Get over it.

Don’t overthink things. Just do it. (Credit Nike.)
Face your fears but
Take calculated risks.

Talk to strangers but
Trust your gut and
When in doubt, be safe.

You’re better than you think you are but
Everyone can get better.

Don’t drive through brush that’s scratching your vehicle even though
Google Maps says it’s the best route.
Listen to the vehicle’s reverse beeper because
It’s probably warning you about something—like a tree.

Plan ahead.
Don’t plan too far ahead and
Be considerate of other people’s schedules.
Have a contingency plan but
Go with the flow.

Take care of your feet because
You will need your feet for a long time.
If your boots hurt as soon as you put them on,
They probably aren’t going to get alot better.

Pack lighter so
Get rid of the purse.
Take one pair of nice shoes but
When in doubt, leave the good shoes at home.

In every moment of great joy, there are elements of sadness.
In every moment of great sadness, there are elements of joy.
You can’t have one without the other.

Appreciate the past but
Enjoy the moment and
Look forward to the future.


2 thoughts on “What I Learned on my Winter Ski Sojourn

  1. Sandy says:

    LOVE your life quotes!!
    As for the lesson or revelation,be patient it will appear, maybe when least expected.
    Enjoy your blog!!


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