Wright Writes on Right Rites

How long have I been blogging? I tell many people that it’s been since early 2017 when I began the Prompt Me! series of posts at the start of this current reincarnation. But as I look back on my path to being a blog-wright, it actually began back in the early 2010’s. I began a blog called something like “Middle Aged Working Woman”. I wrote on that blog for less than a year. As I wrote, I realized I wasn’t “middle-aged” any more. I was late 50s, and on the downside of my career. Around the same time I was writing for our consulting business, Interlinx Associates. And prior to all of this, I had been writing copy for the business for years–copywriter, editor, publisher, printer. I wore all the hats running a small business.

As a writer, and now what I would consider a serious writer, I am on a steep learning curve. I am into year three of my interpretation of Malcolm Gladwell’s* ten years to expert level learning curve (assuming a person practices 1000 hours/year and it takes 10,000 hours to become expert). And while I would be the first to say I am not yet an expert in the field, I can say I have learned a tremendous amount these first years, and as a trainer and facilitator at heart, I work to share what I have learned with other aspiring writers.

Wright Writes on Right Rites is my blog about writing and good writing habits. Perhaps it is because I have such bad habits in so many things that I write about what good habits are. Or because I know how hard it is to create AND STICK WITH good habits I am the perfect person to write about good (and bad) habits.

The title of my blog: Wright Writes on Right Rites.

During this corona virus Stay at Home edict, I have had time on my hands. My Solo Ski Sojourn II ended and I found I needed to have a new “topic” for my blog. Last year I wrote about the months leading up to the LET ME IN book launch which included final stages of writing, working with the publisher, planning the book launch, the launch and post-launch activities.

This blog, as the title might suggest will focus on the art of writing, the practice of writing and the methodology of writing, written by an artisan–writer. Loosely translated: WRIGHT=creator, artisan i.e.; playwright. WRITE=as a verb, to compose or draft. RIGHT=correct or proper. RITE=ceremony, act or ritual. Therefore this blog is about a writer/creator (me) writing on proper rituals for writing.

So, Let’s write! Right?

  • Outliers, the Story of Success, published November 2008 by Little Brown and Company.


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