The Truck: My 2021 Ford F-150

I’m right around T-Minus 15 days from hitting the road again for Solo Ski Sojourn 3. I’m a 65+ widowed woman who began these journeys because I could. And I was fulfilling my late husband’s bucket list.

Now the SSS3 is about me and my love of skiing. It’s a lot different than it used to be—when I was young and broke, or when I had three little kids (who grew into big kids that could all ski better than I)—back then I was constrained by time, money and energy. Now I go where I want, ski the runs that I want, eat where I want, and feel sorry for myself that I am alone—when I want.

But anyone who knows me recognizes that I am not alone—very often. I’m an extrovert, and I have met some incredible people along the way. I am anticipating my best friend on this journey will be with me constantly.

That best friend is my Little Blue Truck 2.0.

The original LBT was a 2012 F-150 Crew Cab. The back seat was so big I often thought I should have had a mini-bar installed.

2.0 isn’t much bigger, it’s just brand spanking new. LBT 2.0 is a computer on wheels.  Like my computer setup in the office, the LBT has two monitors—one 12 inch screen with the speedometer and RPM gauge and a bunch of gauges I can toggle through right in front of me, and the navigation, radio screen, CarPlay, and Apps on the middle console. If only it would play movies, I could be a downright hazard on the highway. At some point there’s a rumor that when I update the truck’s software (yes, this truck has software updates!!) it will be near self-driving. That should make most of America sigh with relief when I am on the road–or not.

I can’t wait to hit the road. With my Little Blue Truck staying between the lines—by itself!—the hours and miles should fly by. I should get through a year’s worth of audio books in three months. I anticipate pointing the truck west and not stopping much until I get to California. Of course I’ll have to ski at a few resorts along the way…

The best part—LBT 2.0 has a hybrid engine and gets a minimum of 30% better gas mileage than LBT 1.0. That’s going to save me a pot load of money for the miles I’ll be driving. And it’s a good thing, as we have entered an inflationary time, and the prices of everything have gone up. Most of my big expenses are fixed—I’m using the Ikon Pass for lift tickets, and my Worldmark Points are used for much of my lodging. Food is the biggest variable cost and that I can manage.

I’m ready, I’m stoked.

I found a new tagline for myself: Wander Woman.


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