Lake Life, 1968: Lake Region News

In the summer of 1972 I worked for the Hardin Tribune Herald newspaper, a weekly paper in my hometown of 2500 people. This town is significantly larger than Miltona, Minnesota in the same timeframe, the population of Miltona was less than 200. I live on Lake Irene today, and I imagine what life must have been like back 52 years ago on this mid-sized lake when resorts were thriving and “society” consisted of the same families visiting eachother. In 1972 I fancied myself as a journalist, and my biggest job that summer was writing the society column for the Hardin Tribune. See the lake life through the eyes of Lake Irene society and through the letters of 13-year-old Irene, who wrote religiously to her 4-H friend Marjorie.

Enjoy the Lake.

Lake Region News, Our Hometown Weekly Press

Lake Irene Society Column

The week of June 18, 1968 was an active one for the families of note who live and vacation on Lake Irene. As the weather heats up, some of the social activities slow down, as many of the menfolk head to the lake to do their fishing and bonding. But the ladies continue their good work and socializing.

Monday, June 18, Mr. and Mrs. Sven Tirstigs dined at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jon Tirstigs. After dinner the four played gin rummy until the sun went down. Sven and his wife Uma walked to their home next door by the light of the moon.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Weeks and Mr. and Mrs. Hy Boil dined at Chet’s Chicken in celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Weeks tenth wedding anniversary. While at Chet’s they ran into Mr. and Mrs. Isa Haaksonen who were also dining out.

Wednesday, June 19, Mrs. Leena Tirstigs hosted the Lake Irene Quilt Club. Mrs. Lars Johannson, Mrs. Hy Boil, Mrs. Bruce Swanson, The Widow Lady Elena Juhe and Mrs. Sven Tirstigs attended. Refreshments were served on Mrs. Tirstigs fine Wedgewood china and Gorham silver.

Thursday, June 20, Mrs. Isa Haaksonen, Mrs. Lars Johannson, Mrs. Ole Tirstigs, Miss Leena Tirstigs, and The Widow Lady Elena Juhe played bridge at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Isa Haaksonen. Cucumber sandwiches were served with iced tea and Charles Chips which were shipped in from Iowa.

Friday, June 21, Mr. and Mrs. Aksel Olsen hosted their three adult children, Anders, Arvid and Astrid and their six grandchildren for the weekend. The children range in age from 12 to four. Three of the children needed Calamine lotion for chigger bites.  A good time was had by all.

Saturday, June 22 a dance was held at the VFW Club in Miltona. Many of the families attended. The band was from Wadena. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Swanson’s son Greg played in the band.

And that’s this week’s news from Lake Irene, reported for the Lake Region News by Hjordis Johannson, residing on the northwest corner of lake Irene (go to the public access and take a right.)


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