Letters to my Friend Marjorie, 1968

June 23, 1968

Dear Marjorie,

It is finally June and the activities on Lake Irene have certainly heated up! Even though it was a cool 56 degrees this morning it’s supposed to get up to 75 so the boats are out and the guests here at Lynn Haven Resort have bared their white flesh and are only an hour from a fiery sunburn.

Last night Mr. Grinsted prepped each fishing boat with fuel and checked the oil. He woke early to get the worms and bait ready and unlocked the storage shed where he keeps the life vests and floats and he opened the fish house that has the fish cleaning sinks, poles and tackle. Boat 4, the one we call Betty, has been temperamental, sometimes resisting starting up for us. It always takes Mr. Grinsted some time and tinkering to coax her back to work.

I wish you could have seen the calm waters this morning. It looked like a Monet painting up-side-down in the water. I love it best early like that—before the kids hit the beach or the wind picks up.

There’s a little celebration in town today with ice cream in front of the depot across from the VFW and the bank has free balloons. We don’t have much in Miltona—just the grocery store, gift shop, lumber yard, bank, depot, post office—you know, the usual. Some of our campers may go into town, but most will spend the day on the water, assuming the weather holds. WCCO forecast says there might be rain later in the day, but that’s for the Cities, and you never know what will happen out here. We’re 120 miles from the City, so a lot can happen in that distance.

We are going to have our Sunday barbeque for the campers tonight with some horseshoes and croquet on the back lawn. Did I tell you that the campers changeover on Saturdays, so we have the new campers that came yesterday and the barbeque is to welcome them for the week.  I have to go to get ready for that as I am helping Mrs. Grinsted (Gisella) with the cooking and housekeeping. We’ll grill fresh catch and I’ll have some hot dogs and hamburgers for those who prefer land animals.

This is my favorite part of the year as the mosquitos aren’t too bad yet. The first hatch was about a week and a half ago, but they don’t like the cool weather, so it’s tolerable. But the chiggers are coming out, and I don’t like them, either.

A couple days ago was the longest day of the year—the sun doesn’t set until after 9 pm and it’s light at 5:30 am. It’s great for me as I don’t sleep well anyway, and it’s nice to have coffee in the early morning. Our campsites aren’t quite full yet, but they will be in the next few weeks. And of course the five cabins have been full since Memorial Day.

That’s all I have for now from Lynn Haven. I wish you could come visit me, but we’re so busy in the summer I wouldn’t have time to turn around.

Your friend,

Irene (isn’t it funny that I work on Lake Irene and my name is Irene?)

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