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The week of July 8, 1968 was an active one for the families of note who live and vacation on Lake Irene. Heat and humidity help the corn grow. I’m glad it’s good for something.

Monday, July 8, Mr. and Mrs. Lars Johannson and their five children took a road trip over the weekend to Itasca State Park to visit the Headwaters of the Mississippi. Lars Jr., Linnea, Lucas, Maja and Per all walked across the Mississippi River.

Wednesday, July 10, The Widow Lady Elena Juhe hosted the Lake Irene Quilt Club. Mrs. Leena Tirstigs, Mrs. Hy Boil, Mrs. Bruce Swanson, Mrs. Lars Johannson and Mrs. Sven Tirstigs attended. A new member, Mrs. Aksel Olsen attended her first meeting. She shared her mother’s antique patchwork quilt and explained the stitches used on the patchwork. The club is working on quilt squares that will be put together for a quilt raffle at Thanksgiving. Petits Fours, Lady Fingers and wild strawberry tortes were served on Mrs. Juhe’s fine Fostoria dessert plates, Rose Point Sterling silver and fresh squeezed lemonade served in Fostoria crystal.

Thursday, July 11 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowman and Mr. John Gleeson and Mr. Jon Tirstigs dined at Chet’s Chicken Shack. Also dining at Chet’s were Mr. and Mrs. Isa Haaksonen.  The special on Thursday was ½ chicken 50₵ off.

Bridge club was hosted by Mrs. Lars Johannson, with Mrs. Isa Haaksonen , Mrs. Ole Tirstigs, spinster Leena Tirgstigs, Mrs. Hy Boil, Mrs. Ida Olsen, Mrs. Ole Tirstigs and The Widow Lady Elena Juhe attending. Green Jello cottage cheese and pineapple salad, potato salad and iced coffee were served.

Friday, July 12 Lynn Haven Resort hosted a pot luck dinner on their front lawn for campers, cabin guests and lake residents and summer vacationers for a mid-summer celebration. Early corn on the cob was provided as well as wieners and buns for roasting over the firepit.

Anders, Arvid and Astrid—the Olsen adult children–returned to their homes in Minneapolis, leaving their six children with Mr. and Mrs. Aksel Olsen for the summer.

And that’s this week’s news from Lake Irene, reported for the Lake Region News by Hjordis Johannson, residing on the northwest corner of lake Irene (go to the public access and take a right.)

Classified Ads

Help wanted: babysitter for six children, ages 12 to four. Will pay premium. Northeast end of Lake Irene. Contact Ida Olsen, 218-555-2212


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