Letters from the Lake 1968

July 15, 1968
Lynn Haven Resort, Lake Irene

Dear Marjorie,

First of all, I am so happy for you that you got the job you wanted walking beans. I know it can get awfully hot, but you will be with your friends, so that should make it better. Good for you!

You may wonder how I find time to write to you while I am working at Lynn Haven. Well, Mr. and Mrs. Grinsted are really nice, and they let me have half an hour break in the middle of the afternoon during the hottest time of day. I usually find a table in the general store (in their house basement). It’s always cool down here. Since I’m not working, I don’t sit at the table behind the counter. The counter has a display of candy in the front. Kids point to what they want and then I get their candy from the shelves behind the counter. There are two doors into the store, one that faces the creek and one that faces the lake. There’s a Coke bottle cooler that people can get their own pop from—they just lift the lid, put a dime in, it unlocks and they slide their drink choice out. We only have Coke, 7-Up and Hires Root Beer. There’s a bottle opener on the outside and I have to make sure to empty the caps out about twice a week.

Remember that boy I told you about? His name was Robert Janos. He and his brother are from Brooklyn Park. His older brother is really a hunk. He’s older, like 17, and is going into the Marines in the fall. My sister Katrina flirted with James, but I thought Robert was really nice and friendly. She followed James (older brother) like a puppy. Nice guys, though. But they left, and I probably won’t hear from Robert again. We swapped addresses, and I did write a letter, but… we’ll see.

I wish you had been here for the 4th. Lynn Haven has a big celebration, and Mr. Grinsted got all those fireworks—we had the biggest show around! And the boat parade started from our docks. We have a public beach that people pay to come to, so it was really busy. I worked in the general store and scooped so much ice crème it got soft enough that it didn’t hurt so bad. I didn’t have to work during the fireworks. Robert and I held hands behind the fish house and watched the show. It was very romantic. His hands were so rough.

They told me the 4th marks the half way point of the summer. I can’t believe it! It seems like we just got started. I get Monday’s off, and then if we aren’t busy I don’t have to work long days, so that’s nice. I ride my bike to work from the farm which is just a little south of Miltona or if the weather is bad, Mom or Dad will give me a ride.

Tell me about your job, and what you’ve been doing this summer. Do you think you could come and visit sometime? It would be grand!

Your loving friend,



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