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Lake Irene Society Column

The week of September 2 brought on the cooler weather of fall for the residents of Lake Irene. School began right after the long holiday weekend marking the end of summer. Buses resumed their routes servicing the Miltona elementary and junior high.

The second meeting of the Lake Irene League of Women Voters will be held September 9. Mrs. Isa Haaksonen will be host. All women are welcome. Please RSVP to Mrs. Elena Juhe. This month’s topic will be The ERA: for or against?  There have been several inquiries about the League meetings, and please know all are welcomed. This is a nationally recognized organization not aligned with any political party. Ladies come to a consensus and report their findings to the State and then National League of Women Voters.

On Wednesday September 4, Mrs. Bruce Grinsted hosted a “Ladies Only” swimming party on the Lynn Haven resort beach. The weather cooperated with temperatures in the low 80s. Ten of the Lake Irene ladies attended, all preferred their names not be listed. They feasted on the remaining ice cream from the Lynn Haven resort store.

Also on September 4 the the Lake Irene Quilt Club at the home of Mrs. Ole Tirstigs on the east side of the lake. Attendance was limited to Mrs. Sven Tirstigs, Mrs. Leena Tirstigs and Mrs. Paul Stewart. Mrs. Stewart announced that her son Paul and his wife are the proud parents of a baby girl, born on August 30 in Hopkins, MN. Attendance was low due to a conflicting activity which drew many members away. Mrs. Tirstigs served tomato and cucumber finger sandwiches on her Fostoria snack plates and Family Reunion cake served with her Alvin Chateau Rose sterling.

Thursday, September 5, Bridge club was hosted by Mrs. Hy Boyle, who served her green jello, cottage cheese and pineapple molded salad. Mrs. Lars Johannson provided homemade dandelion wine for the group to test. This year was a bumper for dandelions.

Monday, September 2 was Labor Day, and the families of Axel Olsen, Bruce Swanson and Bob Boomer closed down the Minnesota State Fair by caravaning to St. Paul to attend the last day of the fair.

Lynn Haven Resort hosted their annual Horseshoes and Darts tournament on the beach lawn on Labor Day Monday. Winners in the men’s horseshoes division were: 1st Tapio Jarvi; 2nd Isa Haaksonen. Boys horseshoe division: 1st Per Johannson; 2nd Lars Johannson. Men’s darts: 1st Bruce Weeks; 2nd Bruce Swanson. Boy’s darts: 1st Lucas Johannson; 2nd Per Johannson. A good time was had by all. Lynn Haven Resort is closed for the season.

And that’s this week’s news from Lake Irene, reported for the Lake Region News by Hjordis Johannson, residing on the northwest corner of lake Irene (go to the public access and take a right.)

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