Letters from the Lake 1968

August 28, 1968

Dear Marjorie,

So much has happened since my last letter, I hardly know where to begin. The last days of summer are here, and it’s sad, in a way, but I am looking forward to school. I will get to see my friends, many I’ve not seen since last Spring, when school ended!

My work at Lynn Haven Resort ended last week as I did get to go to the State Fair!! I was the alternate delegate for the Dress Revue—Ingrid Tirstig couldn’t make it because her family went on a trip to the Black Hills—so I got to go instead! The Douglas County delegation left on Friday August 23 and we were at the State Fair for 4 days. We were in the first group—the 4-H delegations come from all over the state, and we come in stages because there isn’t enough room for everyone at the same time. We stayed at the 4-H Building dorms. Oh my gosh, it was so fun! I wish you could have been there! We stay in these metal bunk beds and there are kids from all over the state. I modeled my night gown and got a blue ribbon. Once that was done, we were free to roam the grounds. The 4-H building is right by Machinery Hill, and you could see tractors as far as the eye could see! It was amazing. Most of the farmers around us use International Harvesters, the IH logo in black white and red and the tractors are red; but there were orange Allis-Chalmers, green John Deer, bright yellow Minneapolis-Moline and olive green Oliver tractors. There were also tin looking Gleaner Baldwin combines, and so many others I can’t even list! We climbed all over the new tractors, and sat in one that had an air-conditioned cab!! Can you imagine?

Several in our delegation had their livestock here, so we spent a lot of time at the cattle, hog and sheep barns. For me, a town girl, it was a little smelly, and some of the kids slept right in the stall with their animals! I did meet up with one of the local boys, Per Johannson. Per’s in a grade two years ahead of me, and lived across Irene from Lynn Haven. His mom writes for the paper. He’s so cute, and he had his dairy heifer at the fair. The last two days we were there, Per and I hung out together, and he won a stuffed bear for me at the baseball throw stand. The only carnival stand I’m good at is the duck pond, where all you do is pick a duck out of the water, and you win the prize that’s the same as the number on the bottom of the duck. I got three plastic whistles and a rubber ball… I gave Per the ball, since he seems good at throwing.

We got back from Minneapolis-St. Paul on Tuesday night. I’ll be working at Lynn Haven one more weekend—Through Labor Day—and then the following weekend to help them close up the cabins. School starts September 3, right after Labor Day. I’M NOT READY!!

Dear Marjorie, it’s been a wonderful summer writing to you, and I hope we continue through the school year. I’m sure we will meet next summer again at camp. You are my best friend in the world!

Have a great school year, I’ll look forward to your next letter! Thanks for letting me ramble on about the fair.

Your friend,



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