Lake Region News – End of Summer 1968

Lake Irene Society Column

The week of August 26 was an active one for the families of note who live and vacation on Lake Irene. Miltona Elementary and Junior High School is scheduled to begin right after Labor Day, on Tuesday, September 3, 1968. First day of Kindergarten will be a day later, Wednesday, Sept 4. There will be a parent orientation Wednesday evening 7 pm at your child’s classroom.

Due to Labor Day on the first Monday of the month, Mrs. Elena Juhe has announced the second meeting of the Lake Irene League of Women Voters will be held September 9, instead. Mrs. Isa Haaksonen will be host. All women are welcome. Please RSVP to Mrs. Elena Juhe. This month’s topic will be The ERA: for or against?  Ladies come to a consensus and report their findings to the State and then National League of Women Voters.

Wednesday, August 28, Mrs. Axel Olsen hosted The Lake Irene Quilt Club at her home on the west side of Lake Irene. Mrs. Olsen showed off antique quilts made by her mother. Mrs. Leena Tirstigs, Mrs. Hy Boil, Mrs. Lars Johannson, The Widow Lady Elena Juhe and Mrs. Sven Tirstigs attended. After refreshments served on Mrs. Olsen’s pink Fostoria dishes and glassware, the ladies all received quilted placemats as gifts from Mrs. Olsen.

Thursday, August 29, Bridge club was hosted by Mrs. Lars Johannson, who served fresh cucumber and kohrabi slices with Miracle Whip salad dressing and tuna salad sandwiches. Mrs. Ole Tirstigs and Mrs. Isa Haaksonen joined The Widow Lady Elena Juhe wearing slacks that were purchased from Herberger’s in Osakis.

Friday, August 30, was the official start of the Labor Day Weekend, marking the end of summer. Big thunderstorms rolled in during the late afternoons, interrupting late evening pontoon cruises around the lake. A few maples have begun turning red and gold.

Lynn Haven Resort will hosting their annual Horseshoes and Darts tournament on the beach lawn on Labor Day Monday. Winners will be announced in next week’s column.

And that’s this week’s news from Lake Irene, reported for the Lake Region News by Hjordis Johannson, residing on the northwest corner of lake Irene (go to the public access and take a right.)


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