Lake Region News, Halloween & Election Night

Lake Irene Society Column

This is the week of November 4 and reporting the Lake Irene News in place of Hjordis Johannson is her daughter, Linea Johannson. Linea is 15 years old and a student at Alexandria High School.

Bridge Club was held at the home of Mrs. Hy Boyle with the Mrs. Ole Tirstigs, Mrs. Jon Tirstigs, and Mrs. John Gleeson attending. Mrs. Boyle served Beer Nuts and Mrs. Lars Johannson was sorely missed as was her dandelion wine. Mrs. Jon Tirstigs, newly arrived from Vietnam, displayed a startling deftness at playing bridge.

The widow lady Elena Juhe hosted an election return party at her home including husbands. Julie Swanson, Aiti Haasonen, Hjordis Johannson, Martha Stewart, MaiLin Tirstigs and Leena Tirstigs attended. The overwhelming favorite was our own Hubert H. Humphrey who of course lost to “law and order” Republican candidate Richard Nixon. The loss put a damper on post election festivities.

The Douglas County Extension Service administered Home Demonstration Club for the Lake Irene ladies will be held November 14. The November meeting will be on “Seed Art: Making Seeds into Art.” Contact Mrs. Ole Tirstigs for more information and to RSVP. Please bring a variety of seeds to the meeting.

Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Jon Tirstigs, Mr. and Mrs. Lars Johannson, Mr. and Mrs. Tapio Jarvi travelled to Alexandria for dinner at Interlachen Supper Club. The couples met to welcome the new Mrs. Jon (MaiLin) Tirstigs to the community. Walleye was the evening special, as well as an Irish lamb stew and venison steaks. All were new specialties for Mrs. Tirstigs.

Trick or Treat activities on Thursday, October 31 (also known as Halloween) featured a haunted house decorated by the volunteer fire department of Miltona. Candy was sold out at the Miltona Grocery Store, and ghosts and ghouls were spotted throughout the neighborhoods. A good time was had by all.

And that’s this week’s news from Lake Irene, reported for the Lake Region News by Linea Johannson, residing on the northwest corner of lake Irene (go to the public access and take a right.)


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