Letters from the Lake 1968

October 25, 1968
Miltona, MN

Dear Marjorie,
Wow! Homecoming was so much fun! Our class float, “Smoke ‘em Out” was so cool and then midway through the parade, the guys making the smoke in the beehive caught the float on fire!!! The boys got out ok, but our entire float went up in smoke-of course it’s made of paper napkins, ULTRA flammable. The fire department had to come, and all that was left of it was the chicken wire and the hay wagon. Fortunately the hay wagon was saved, that would have been terrible, too.

Katrina didn’t win Homecoming queen. Darn. She looked so nice at the football game. A girl from Alexandria won. And Per didn’t win, either. Made me disappointed. But we all went to the Homecoming dance after the game. I went with Maija and some other girlfriends. All of us danced some.

My first 4-H newspaper article ran last week. It was pretty cool to see my byline.  It wasn’t very much, just a report of our meeting, but I’m looking forward to writing it.  Did you watch the astronauts on TV? Wasn’t that amazing to think they are in space and we still have TV pictures of them??

I wanted to tell you about my English class. Mr. Cline is the teacher, and he is having us do this diagramming exercise. We take a sentence and put it into a form like thing—nouns and adjectives on one side, verbs and adverbs on the other. It’s so interesting, and it makes me think differently about sentence structure. I know that sounds goofy, but I do like it! And I wanted to tell you about Mrs. Condon’s English class—she works with the seniors, so Katrina was telling me about it. She has the class listen to MUSIC! They listen to the words of the music and they look at it like poetry! I’d never heard of such a thing! So interesting.

Well, all the beautiful leaves have pretty much fallen, so we are headed to winter. We’ve had some cold days, frost in the morning, and then a few days it’s gotten to 70! It’s really beautiful here. I’m sure you’re going through the same even though you are just a little bit south of us.

Thanks for being my friend!


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