Things I Love about the Lake

The creek: northern spawn in the spring, white suckers spawn shortly after, minnow buckets for bait. Birds that nest back in the trees. The blue heron that fishes at the mouth of the creek. The paper birch on the creek shore.

The lake: eagles call it home. kayaking to the north end with the water lilies and the pelicans.  The call of the loons on late summer nights. Sunsets over the lake. Lightning storms reflected in the water. grandkids playing in the sand on the beach. Clear waters in the early morning when the lake is like a mirror.

The house: Sitting at the granite island facing the lake early in the morning. Feeling the pebbles under my feet in the shower. Cooking on the gas stove, washing dishes at the farmhouse sink. The smooth feel of architectural hardwood under my feet. Sitting on the balcony early in the morning, drinking coffee, listening and watching the ducks, swans, loons, pelicans, kingfishers, canaries, orioles, robins, woodpeckers and birds unknown flitting through the trees.  Feeling the lake breeze through the open sliding glass doors. Sleeping soundly in the quiet house, listening to the creek flowing, the distant whistle of a train. Watching TV in the basement rec room, with the fireplace glowing.

Working remotely at my desk, the creek in front of me, the lake to my right. Dependable internet!! 

Visiting with the best neighbors ever at the firepit, sun setting, warm fire burning, smores snuggled in our tummies. 

Smelling the fragrant peonies and lilacs in the spring. Enjoying the bursts of color from the lilies in the summer. 

Cross country skiing in the winter on the lake, counting the fish houses, toasty and warm in the house all winter. Mixing with the locals that stay in the winter. Appreciating the relaxed winter pace. Hanging holiday lights that reflect off the windows and the snow for the enjoyment of the folks on the lake.

There’s more, but everyone has their own special relationship to a house that is also a home. 

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