Lessons from a Liberated Life–Status update

I am about seven months into my new career, with only a few shiny objects that have crossed my path–one big one is getting my house readied for market. That may be book six.

Int the meantime, here’s where I am at: I began taking classes at the Loft Literary Center in February, and have averaged a class every month and a half. The topics have ranged from How to Write a Memoir, Finish that Book, First three Chapters, Query Bootcamp. I’ve joined the Edina Community Education Writers’ Group and have pounded out the first draft of my memoir.

The book, approximately 80,000 words long, is currently in the hands of about 10 individuals who have been kind enough to read it and provide me feedback.  As I get this feedback, I will begin the task of rewriting the first draft.

I have submitted the draft manuscript to two publishers, the Minnesota Historical Society Press and Beaver Pond Press, a pay as you go publisher. Ann at MN Historical Society turned me down, but was very encouraging.

My goal now is to get feedback, re-write and begin the process of submitting the revised manuscript to agents and publishers to find a home.



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