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Lake Irene Society Column

The week of August 5 was an active one for the families of note who live and vacation on Lake Irene. The tomatoes are beginning to come in, and the sweet corn is beginning to wane. The field corn is as high as an elephant’s eye. Some pond scum is beginning to form on the shallow end of the lake. Temperatures have been in the mid to high 90s. Summer is here!

Monday, August 5, Mrs. Elena Juhe held the inaugural meeting of the Lake Irene League of Women Voters at her home. Attending the first meeting were Mrs. Bruce Swanson, Mrs. Hy Boil, Mrs. Isa Haaksonen, Miss Hjordis Johannson and Mrs. Leena Tirgstegs. The other Tirstig ladies were unable to attend. The first meeting topic was Draft Deferment: are Flat Feet and Bone Spurs Legitimate Reasons for Draft Deferment? The topic caused quite a stir and debate. The ladies come to a consensus and report their findings to the State and then National League of Women Voters. The group has decided to continue to meet.

Wednesday, August 7, The Lake Irene Quilt Club met at the community center to begin joining their quilt squares. Mrs. Hy Boil brought fresh strawberry rhubarb pie and Mrs. Leena Tirstigs tempted the ladies with her homemade chokecherry wine. Mrs. Bruce Swanson brought wild mushrooms to share.

Thursday, August 8, Bridge club was hosted by Mrs. Ole Tirstigs, who served fresh sliced tomatoes, cucumber sandwiches and sliced cold cuts. Winners this week were Mrs. Lars Johannson, with Mrs. Isa Haaksonen. The Widow Lady Elena Juhe caused quite a stir when she wore dress slacks to the meeting.

Friday, August 9,  Lynn Haven Resort offered a free beach day when they waived the $.25 admission fee. The beach was packed, and ice cream sales were brisk.  

Mrs. Aksel Olsen reported her six grandchildren had a lovely time at the Lutheran summer day camp, and says she will be suggesting the camp run longer hours next year. Mrs. Olsen’s adult children, Anders, Arvid and Astrid, will be spending Labor Day weekend at the lake before returning to the Cities with their children.

Many of the families are looking forward to the Miltona street dance to be held on Saturday night hosted by the Miltona Volunteer Fire Department. Tickets to the meat raffle can be purchased at Miltona Meats prior to the dance.

And that’s this week’s news from Lake Irene, reported for the Lake Region News by Hjordis Johannson, residing on the northwest corner of lake Irene (go to the public access and take a right.)


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